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Our region is a crazy cauldron of new ideas right now. If you are a small business owner or start-up, you’ve got a ton of ideas, maybe too many. But ideas need words. And words need to be crafted into stories.

What makes your business interesting, compelling and worth all of the effort is your story. But who tells your story? I tell stories that engage the reader and make them want to know more about your business and become your customer.

When you work with me you get strong content. You get responsive communication.

metro detroit freelance writer and editor
What you can expect from me:

  • A focus on your needs and the needs of your readers
  • A high level of personal integrity
  • Timely communication and collaboration
  • An ability to adapt to changes in the plan
  • Strong research and problem-solving skills
  • ON TIME delivery of excellent content

If you are looking for quality writing and editing take some time to look through my portfolio. Then contact me so we can begin working together.






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